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            Membership at The Arena


What makes our gym better?

  • Membership is private and is limited to office park tenants, corporate partners, teachers, government employees, senior citizens, personal training clients and friends and family of current members

  • Low monthly membership rate without a contract

  • Friendly, cozy environment 

  • All the benefits of a commercial gym in a private setting

  • Inclusive environment

  • Free Parking

Our 7500 square foot facility has all the amenities of a commercial gym without the crowds, The locker rooms have 5 showers and plenty of day lockers. THE ARENA is the place where you can stay anonymous or join a friend for a workout. It is not a hangout, but instead a friendly fitness destination! We have an inclusive environment which welcomes all ages and fitness levels. We are partnered with Fit 4 All NY, who runs the personal training at our facility. 

THE ARENA believes that a balance of open space and carefully selected equipment is more important than just filling a room with random machines. Many gyms are designed to pack members in and are filled with unnecessary rows of equipment. Our gym is private and limits capacity allowing us to provide a better overall experience. We have the necessary open space and more than enough equipment for any level member or client. Our facility is fully equipped with multiple free weight stations, bands, balls, strength and cable machines. Additionally, our cardio equipment is state of the art and unlike other gyms, you never have to wait.

We are a regulated gym in an unregulated industry. Our staff and our equipment are carefully chosen by our education board. We do this because we have higher standards than the industry, and we strive to make our customers both fit and functional. The reason for this is because our CEO owns an education company that provides our staff with cutting edge education. He is also an expert witness in personal trainer negligence lawsuits, where exercises and equipment are misused. Because  our trainers, who are part of Fit4All NY, are required to take more educational courses and receive more training than industry, they can help gym members use the equipment properly and ensure their routine is safe and effective.


We are located in one of Westchester's premier office parks. The gym is in the lobby at the main entrance of the building.

Gym Hours
Weekdays 5:00am to 9:00 pm
Weekends 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
by appointment


Special Membership Deal

  • Monthly Membership @ the Arena Fitness is $39.99/ month.

  • Every December there is a one time $30 maintenance fee.

  • If you are a first responder or teacher, receive $10 off your monthly membership by using the promotion code: 923669580172

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