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Eat Real Foods

The key to longevity and an ideal weight and health is eating real foods. The biggest mistake is the preponderance of processed and fast food. It’s not necessarily about the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Instead, it is about the refined carbohydrates and sugar.

Research shows that when traditional societies begin to eat processed foods and sugar, there is an increase in obesity and diabetes. In fact about 2/3 of the calories in an American diet are from processed foods. There are links between processed foods and obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, cognitive decline and shorter life spans.

Due to our busy lifestyles, many people find it difficult to avoid the conveniences of processed foods. Try to shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store and read the ingredients of all the foods you buy. Choose packaged foods that have the smallest ingredient list and don’t have sugar as the first ingredient. Also try to meal prep for the week so you don’t have to grab fast food or unhealthy choices.

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