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Take GABA for Anxiety

Anxiety is extremely prevalent in our current society with people of all ages experiencing issues. Anxiety disorders include panic attacks, social and generalized anxiety, phobias, OCD and PTSD. Anxiety is often associated with eating disorders, like emotional eating and weight gain, plus and sleep disorders, and IBS (irritable blow syndrome).

There are natural methods to reduce anxiety including diet changes, exercise, stress reduction, deep breathing and supplements. One supplement used to combat anxiety is GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

GABA is an amino acid and a neurotransmitter involved in calming. It has been shone to benefit ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, PMS, and inflammation. Taking GABA can result in decreased anxiety and stress and feeling more carefree an relaxed. GABA may help reduce food cravings especially for breads, cereal, pasta, and dairy. It is best to start with low doses of GABA and increase, starting with 250 mg 1-3x per day and working up from there.Other modalities and supplement have been shown to increase GABA. For example, yoga practice increases GABA levels. Also, valerian root has been shown to increase the amount of GABA in the body. Lastly, magnesium and B6 are important for adequate GABA production.

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